20 gauge slugs


TruBall Rifled Slug 20 Gauge

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1700
  • Bullet Style: TruBall Hollow Point Slug

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20 gauge slugs | 20 gauge slugs for sale

Forget what you think you know about smoothbore slug gun accuracy. The Federal Premium® TruBall® is the most consistent smoothbore slug on the market, capable of groups as tight as 1.4 inch at 50 yards. The TruBall system locks the components together, centering and pushing the rifled slug out of the barrel. This promotes clean separation of components after muzzle exit to ensure the best accuracy. 20 gauge slugs for sale

What can a 20 gauge slug kill?

As a general rule, a 20 gauge with a full choke barrel shooting shot charges can be effective out to a maximum of 40 – 50 yards. A slug fired from a 20 gauge set up for slugs may be effective out to about 100 yards. Sure. At close range, 12 gauge shotgun slug will kill just about any animal that ever walked the Earth. Optics Ammunition Shop
  • A plastic ball between the wad and slug increases smoothbore accuracy
  • Capable of 1.4-inch groups at 50 yards
  • Clean separation of components after muzzle exit
  • Increased downrange energy


Gauge 20 Gauge
Muzzle Velocity 1700
Bullet Style TruBall Hollow Point Slug
Bullet Weight 328
Type Lead
Shot Charge Oz 3/4
Shotshell Length 3in. / 76mm
Ballistic Coefficient .073
Package Quantity 5
Usage Medium Game

Will a 20 gauge slug drop a deer?

With a rifled bore, the rifled slug rounds will probably still group well enough at 100 yards for deer sized game. The newer saboted slugs should not be used in a smoothbore.


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