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How much does .223 ammo cost?

Prices of ammunition fluctuate based on supply availability and demand for the rounds. With the .223 round being one of the more popular rounds, it’s highly susceptible to those market forces. In times of higher demand and relative scarcity, the price rises considerably. Price varies per box, but the cheapest method is to purchase in bulk; this greatly reduces the price per round.  get the best deals for .223 bulk ammo

Where to buy .223 ammo?

Given its popularity, finding .223 ammo is much easier than finding some other rounds. Even in times of increased demand, it’s a major staple on ammunition shelves. It can be found at every major ammunition retailer, including online retailers like Optics Ammunition Shop.

How many .223 rounds fit in an ammo can?

This varies depending on the can. Most packaged cans are clearly marked to show how much ammunition is in the can. However, many cans can hold a much larger amount of loose ammunition than what is in the can with the packaging. If using the cans the ammunition came in for storage, you’re often able to fit a few hundred more rounds. If using surplus military cans of 30 caliber or 50 caliber, the cans can hold around 600 and 1200 rounds respectively.

Where to buy bulk .223 ammo?

While bulk purchases are becoming more popular, that can limit availability among some retailers. For that reason, bulk ammunition purchases are often most easily accomplished through online methods. Stores and gun shows are often limited in the amount they can carry. Most places selling ammunition can provide bulk in some form, but websites like Ammunition Depot have much greater availability than many physical stores.

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