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Dawson Precision® Optic System “Pat. Pend.” Tactical Kit for Holosun 509T

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Dawson Precision® Optic Tactical Reflex System “Pat. Pend.” for Holosun 509T Reflex Sights. Fits all Staccato Dawson Precision® Optic equipped pistols, will not fit other cuts. Optics Ammunition Shop

Kit Includes:

  • Holosun Adapter Plate with .315″ Tall x .135″ Notch Black Co-Witness Rear Sight Installed
  • Tools and Hardware Included.

Does Holosun 509T fit RMR cut?

No. It comes with a Glock MOS adapter plate, which does not fit a RMR cut. I am waiting for Holosun to release a RMR to 509T plate that, as of today 10/14/20, they have listed as “coming soon” on their website. holoson 509t for sale

How good is the Holosun 509T?

In 2020, Holosun launched the 509T. It is a reflex sight with a titanium housing, making it more durable, and what they claim is a battery life of up to 50,000 hours. Various features include a multi-reticle system, Solar Failsafe, and Shake Awake, the latter of which is very nice to have on a carry gun holoson 509t in stock

509T QD Mount

The AD-509T QD mount was developed for the Holosun 509T red dot for use on AR pistols and other weapon platforms requiring a small, light weight red dot system. The AD-509T QD mount is a one piece unit that offers low, co-witness and lower 1⁄3 co-witness optic height. holoson 509t for sale

Does Holosun have a lifetime warranty?

HOLOSUN® Limited Lifetime Warranty

This warranty specifically applies to the metal structure, optical and illumination systems. The metal structure/housing and optical system (glass) of your Holosun product is warrantied for the life of the product under normal, personal use.


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