kimber micro 9 magazine


Kimber Micro 9, 9mm Stainless Steel 7-round Magazine

SKU: 1200845A
Brand: Kimber
UPC: 669278125060
Caliber: 9mm Luger
Capacity: 7-Round
Material: Steel
  • Micro Magazine
  • 7-round
  • 9mm
  • Stainless Steel

kimber micro 9 magazine | kimber micro 9 magazine for sale

This is a Kimber Micro 9 9mm 7-round magazine.

Winner of the NRA’s Golden Bullseye Award, Kimber’s Micro 9 sets a whole new standard for reliable, pocket-sized 1911 firepower you can trust your life with. kimber micro 9 magazine in stock Optics Ammunition Shop

These 7-round magazines feature durable, polished stainless steel construction with a special polymer base plate that adds an extra round and increases the gun’s overall grip area—allowing for more precise shots and faster follow-ups in practice or at the range.

Grab a few spare magazines for your Kimber Micro 9 today, and don’t forget to rotate your loaded/carry magazines every 1-3 months for maximum reliability. kimber micro 9 magazine

7-round Tac-Mag™ for Micro 9 RAPIDE pistols. This premium, high-performance RAPIDE Micro 9 magazine is built using first-class components, including a Teflon-coated follower and a chrome-silicon alloy steel spring, both of which enhance feeding and overall reliability. This magazine also improves recoil characteristics due to the addition of the magazine’s base pad featuring a finger extension. This extension provides the shooter with more gripping surface area and leverage on the gun’s easily concealed frame during shooting, making follow-up shots faster and more accurate. kimber micro 9 magazine for sale


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